U.S. Reduces China Tariffs To Improve Its Supply Chain In Southeast Asia

On May 5th, Miles Guo posted on Gettr stating the U.S. reducing tariffs on China is actually a short-term attempt to solve the U.S. supply chain problem in China, thereby stepping up the establishment of a mature alternative supply chain in Southeast Asia.

The U.S. supply chain has moved to Vietnam, India, and Southeast Asia over the past few decades, but it is not yet complete nor competitive compared to China. The U.S. tariff reduction on China is simply letting the sweatshops there run for a few more years as a transition, stabilizing the consumption prices within the U.S. American wages are probably ten to twentyfold compared to China, but consumer prices are about the same. The U.S. has top-class salary careers in the world but enjoys consuming products at the lowest prices. The Chinese with the lowest wages but the cost of living is about the same as developed countries.

Miles said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would be finished by the time the U.S. had matured its supply chain in Southeast Asia, which the U.S. also hoped would be done in two years. The U.S. is now the opposition party and the Republican Party, both in order to seize the House and Senate elections this year, that is, the midterm elections, and thus determine the financial power. President Biden of the Democratic Party wants to hold on to the presidency and win the midterm elections. Now the U.S. is removing tariffs on China for its internal economy and also for internal politics. In fact, no matter which party is in power, the Chinese people are still slaves as long as China is ruled by the evil CCP.

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