Recalls Of The Hunan Daoxian Massacre During The Culture Revolution

During the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution in 1967, Daoxian, Hunan Province, and more than ten surrounding counties and cities had many large-scale massacres. This series of massacres were plotted and supported by the local government and carried out by the local administration and bottom-level village cadres, affecting more than 10,000 innocent people. It was later known as Hunan Daoxian Massacre.
According to the data, after the Cultural Revolution began, two opposing violent organizations of the Cultural Revolution appeared in Daoxian County; the “Red League” and the “Revolutionary League.” As the battle between the two factions intensified, bloody massacres
against the so-called “counter-revolution” took place. It is worth noting that the CCP Lingling Military Subdistrict, where Daoxian was located, did not stop the massacre right away and only submitted the investigation report to the CCP 47th Army stationed in Hunan at the time. The 47th Army reported the massacre as a riot, which immediately escalated the Daoxian Massacre for a second time.
According to various people’s recollection, during the Daoxian incident, the CCP allocated the killing quota and awards at all levels, resulting in a rapid expansion of the scale of killings. More than 14,000 people directly participated in the massacre. The vast majority of the victims were innocent people. They were accused of being landlords, rich peasants, and rightists by the CCP regime. Between August and October 1967, more than 7,600 people were killed, nearly 1,400 committed suicides, and more than 2,100 were injured. Over 820 victims were minors, and the youngest was only ten days old.
As Miles Guo mentioned in a live broadcast, the cause of the Cultural Revolution was that Mao Zedong’s son died in the Korean War. Mao became psychologically twisted and deliberately launched the Cultural Revolution to retaliate against the society by making people fight each other. During the following decade, millions of innocent people suffered torment. The root cause of this was the CCP’s evil system which enabled the dictators to satisfy their desires at the cost of most people’s interests and safety.

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