Congressman Expresses that CCP and Russia Formed the New Axis

According to Gettr on April 29th, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Axis Act” on April 27th, requiring the US State Department to report to Congress the CCP’s support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Congressman Andy Barr, who introduced the bill, used the word “Chinese Communist Party – CCP” throughout his speech. He indicated the new evil axis has formed between the CCP and Russia.
Barr said the unholy alliance between the Chinese Communist Party and authoritarian oligarchs running the Kremlin is a serious threat to the United States and its allies, and it’s enabling this illegal aggression against Ukraine. On February 4th, Russia and CCP released a joint statement following a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping outlining a strategic partnership with “no limits”. Instead of condemning Putin’s war crimes, the CCP is rewarding them. After the invasion, the CCP struck a massive deal with a Russian energy company. It is time for the United States to confront this new axis of evil. The Axis Act requires the US State Department to submit reports to Congress detailing the CCP’s support to Russia before and since the invasion of Ukraine. The threat that this new axis of evil poses to the United States is an American one. We need legislation to inform the public and enable lawmakers to begin positioning the U.S. to overcome this geopolitical challenge.
Barr emphasized that, as a member of the House China Task Force, he strongly believes that freedom must be defended from authoritarian aggression. We must confront it. We must repel it. We call it out when we see it.

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