There Will Be No Future For The Chinese People Unless The CCP Is Eliminated

During the Grand Live Broadcast on May 1st, Miles Guo said that the Chinese people will only end up with the fate as livestock or slaves in the future unless CCP is eliminated.

Miles said that the CCP is trying every means to proceed with its evil-doing and instigating hatred, which will contribute to anti-Chinese sentiment all over the world, thereby squeezing the living space of overseas Chinese and forcing them to return to Communist China.

At the same time, the CCP began to impose a ban on unnecessary traveling within the country and terminating issuance of notarized documents for students studying overseas. Meanwhile, restrictions of the population movement between cities and the oppression of ordinary people through the quarantine and Zero-Covid policy were all preparations for the next big political change of the CCP, known as “changing dynasty” in the Chinese language, after which CCP would implement its absolute authoritarian monarchy and treat the ordinary Chinese people as livestock-like slaves.

Hereafter, the people’s wealth and everything they owned in the past would come to naught. There would absolutely be nothing like freedom of speech or social media. In the meantime, the CCP’s will implement curfews and banning free movement of the Chinese people, and that would transform them into spiritual slaves like livestock who pursued nothing but survivals.

Therefore, the Chinese people had no choice before CCP’s demise, Communist China would enter the era of animal-like slavery.

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