The Shanghai Authorities of the Chinese Communist Party Push the Toxic CCP Virus Vaccine on the Elderly

The Chinese Communist Party media reported on April 30 that the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission has officially carried out the vaccination of the local seniors against the CCP virus. It is reported that hospital outpatient clinics in Jinshan, Songjiang, Qingpu, Fengxian, Chongming, Baoshan, and other districts of Shanghai have begun the vaccination of the elderly.

The officials of the CCP health system claimed that chronic diseases and old age are not exempt from getting vaccinated. The CCP officials stated that chronic diseases and old age are two risk factors for severe symptoms and death after infection with the CCP virus; therefore, it is more necessary for the elderly to get fully vaccinated, including booster shots.

Previously, Miles Guo pointed out in his live stream that the current so-called epidemic spread in Communist China is essentially a secondary disaster caused by poisonous vaccines. In order to continue to implement the evil “population burden reduction” plan, the CCP will push the elderly to continue to get vaccinated against the CCP virus. Their final goal is to solve the problem of population aging caused by the “One-Child” policy.

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