Opportunities And Challenges: Gettr Is The Noah’s Ark Of The Future Media World

On April 26 Miles Guo made an insightful and brilliant comment in a Gettr video about the acquisition of social media giant Twitter by Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. Miles predicted that the acquisition was a good opportunity for Gettr, which has great room and potential for future growth and is expected to become the Noah’s Ark of the media world.

First, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is a smart move and a shock to the global social media community, according to Miles. Musk’s acquisition has three roughly equal factors of economy, politics and gambling. In addition, in this transaction, there is a very deep shadow of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), whether Musk colluded with the CCP or not, the deal will be labeled as cooperation with the CCP. On the contrary, Gettr has no original sin. Gettr brings the latest experience to users with content, technology and innovation, and has the unique value of being the later starter.

Second, Gettr’s investors are very powerful. Gettr is good enough to serve as a platform for the Whistleblower Movement to take down the CCP. While in the long run, economically Gettr has the most reasonable cost structure and the greatest room for future development.

At the same time, Gettr is a platform to eliminate communism, and many users will flock to Gettr from other social media platforms in the future. Miles emphasized that Gettr will face more challenges in technology development in the future. If the technology can’t catch up, evaluation will fall behind its potential. But the challenges will bring both value and opportunities. Miles urged the Gettr team to strengthen management cooperation, adhere to technological innovation, provide users with a good experience and rich content, and seize this rare historical opportunity.

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