Five Recent Feelings Shared By Miles Guo

In the May 1st Miles Grand Live, Miles Guo summarized and shared five of his recent feelings.

First, he felt the dangerous moment of mutual harm society is returning for people in China. Under the poison of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), Chinese people have blindly become cowardly and selfish. Few Chinese people are able to think like a human being, focusing only on feeding and surviving, and rarely thinking about how to improve relations with others and the environment, most importantly their personal beliefs and pursuit. They step on the bodies of others to survive Instead of grouping together for warmth. The CCP has turned the Chinese into an inhuman society of animal liked slaves. When the CCP has no other options but only to keep enslaving Chinese with incomes and food, the communist society in China has come to an end.

Secondly, for the first time in his life, Miles felt that the New Federal State of China(NFSC) has drawn the attention of the world, economically, politically and culturally. In particular, the objective “taking down the CCP” proposed by the NFSC has resonated worldwide. The recent secret meetings that Miles was invited to were full of attendees eager to hear his ideas and goals for the NFSC.

Third, he has never felt the deep influences of the Whistleblower Movement(WM) and the cause of taking down the CCP among others. When attending meetings of institutions, he was treated with VIP privileges and clearance from security checks, honored and respected by other attendees. Moreover, people and institutions that had previously appeared hesitant to invest in the G series have altered their attitudes and believed in our cause of taking down the CCP.

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