CCP Fabricates Its GDP To Cover Up The Economy Collapse

On April 30th, Miles Guo said in a Gettr video that given such an abysmal situation in the economy, the CCP still lied about its GDP growth of 6.8% or 4.6%. Anyone who is ignorant of the evil nature of the CCP will be even more miserable. Miles said that the CCP’s behavior is extremely absurd. Under such unbearable circumstances, the CCP is beginning to set targets for provincial and municipal governments in the regime: revive all enterprises that can still make money.

Miles lamented that the Chinese Communist Party is extremely deceitful, and anyone who does not know its history or nature will be in bad luck. The Chinese people need to unveil the evil history of the CCP and restore the history which has been distorted by the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party originated from nowhere else but today’s Russia.

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