Axis Act is the Last Hope to Save the Chinese People

Miles Guo explained the significance of the AXIS Act in a live broadcast on May 1st. AXIS represents the Assessing Xi’s Interference and Subversion Act, H.R. 7314. On April 27th, the House voted 394-3 to approve H.R. 7314. Miles points out that the Axis concept was first developed by Karl Schiller, a German political philosopher, after World War II. The essence of the Axis concept was to promote Communism and recognize China to be the civilization of the East and all humans. The Axis concept evolved into four worldwide recognized doctrines: Axis civilization, Axis politics, Axis economy, and Axis military. The Axial doctrine is one of the sources of Xi Jinping’s “Four Confidences.”

Miles Guo says that there are two fundamental problems with this axial doctrine: it does not reflect the real China and the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The U.S. has failed to believe the message spread by the Whistleblowers Movement, which has prevented the U.S. from seeing the CCP for what it is in time. The Whistleblowers Movement’s message is that the Chinese people do not equal the CCP, and the CCP is the root cause of the world’s disasters. The CCP is pure evil because the CCP has no respect for human rights and the rule of law, and civilization. Axis is a wake-up call for the western world to understand that CCP’s genocide is anti-social, anti-human, and anti-life. The Assessing Xi’s Interference and Subversion Act (AXIS) would not pass without the efforts of the Fellow Fighters of the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China.

Miles emphasizes that the West has clearly understood, through comparison and verification, that the threat of the CCP is strategic and significant aggression against the West and a threat to human civilization. The AXIS is the ultimate political contest between Western democracy and the CCP and the last hope to save the Chinese people and prevent the CCP from using China’s 5,000 years of culture to attack the civilization of all humankind. The AXIS is the treasured law that will preserve the relationship between the Chinese people and the world civilization. It will become part of the constitutions of countries such as Japan and Europe and help destroy Marxism-Leninism by making Communism a cult.

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