Starlink Technology Plays Critical Role In Modern Warfare

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine waged by the dictator Putin, the blitz plan to quickly occupy the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, has completely failed, with nearly 10 Russian generals beheaded and over 10,000 soldiers killed.The Russia-Ukraine war has seen Russia, the second-largest military force globally, suffer a much higher battlefield deaths than Ukraine, a much smaller state. The critical factor is rooted in the advanced air surveillance systems and precision strike weapons provided by the United States and other Western countries, enabling Ukraine to ensure accurate enemy intelligence, pinpoint the enemy’s location, and efficiently eliminate Russian command staff, tanks, aircraft, and strategic flagships.

Thanks to the support of the SpaceX Starlink satellite network during the war, Ukraine’s command, control, and communication systems were not disrupted, and its military power was undiminished. Ukrainian forces successfully tracked down Russian positions and tanks with the SpaceX Starlink’s surveillance technology. According to the U.S. space commander, during the combat, Musk’s Starlink technology had ensured the continued operation of the communication network system under abnormal conditions.

Earlier, Miles Guo revealed that most of Communist China’s pilots who fly planes on aircraft carriers are Russian mercenaries, and the statement was confirmed by a recent live footage of a crashed military plane in Communist China, which showed one of the two pilots who ejected from the crashed plane was Russian mercenary. The Russia-Ukrainie war and the crash of Communist China’s military plane demonstrate the technological capabilities of the Chinese and Russian armies are vastly inferior to those of the United States and other Western countries, without any advantage in warfare. Communist China’s ambition to dominate the world is just a delusion.

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