Beijing Tests 20 Million Residents for CCP Virus in a Fast and Furious Manner

CNN, 26 April – Most of Beijing is about to roll out the CCP Virus test for nearly 20 million residents, sparking panic buying as people fear a Shanghai-style blockade.

Beijing government officials said at a late-night news conference that nearly 3.7 million tests had been conducted as of 8 p.m., saying the outbreak was raging in Beijing and that efforts to prevent and control the epidemic had reached a critical point.On Monday morning, testing began for all residents of Beijing’s Chaoyang district, the commercial centre and home to various foreign embassies, in the first of three rounds of testing over a five-day period. Large-scale testing will begin on Tuesday, extending to Beijing’s five outlying districts and covering some 19.5 million residents.

When the Chaoyang district announced last Sunday that the entire population would be tested for the CCP Virus virus, it immediately triggered panic buying overnight. Long queues formed in supermarkets as customers emptied their shelves of produce and online apps for ordering deliveries sold out of some food items.Dozens of residential areas in eight areas of Beijing are now under strict lockdown, with residents banned from leaving their homes or their community grounds.

Reports say Communist China officials are urging residents not to leave the city unless absolutely necessary, including for the upcoming five-day holiday celebrating May 1 international Labor Day, and that cultural performances, sporting events, exhibitions and other events involving large gatherings, as well as all tutorials and classes, have been temporarily closed.

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