GETTR Sign-Ups Surge 323% Following Musk’s Twitter Takeover

On April 29, according to GETTR official news, GETTR saw a 70 percent increase in new sign-ups globally during the final week of April, with a 323 percent increase in the United States. GETTR also moved up 56 spots and 42 spots in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, respectively.

Jason Miller, CEO of GETTER, said, “GETTR’s continued growth is proof that people around the world are hungry for a platform with a true commitment to protecting political free speech and fighting a growing culture of censorship. Our users know that they will not be censored or banned because of their political opinions, and that appeals to people of all backgrounds.”

The GETTR will launch several exciting new features in 2022, including a new streaming homepage, and amazing live streaming function open to all registered users, Vision – a short video app that rivals against TikTok and Instagram Reels; an encrypted direct messaging app, an online appreciation and tipping system for content creators, and a cryptocurrency-oriented payment system, GETTER Pay that will dominate the future financial services market.
Presently, with more than five million registered users globally, Gettr is the fastest-growing social media platform in history.

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