XI Demands GDP To Exceed U.S. This Year While Economy Has Staggered

It was reported on April 27 that Xi Jinping had set a new economic growth target within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), requiring that economic growth this year surpass that of the U.S. However, the actual economy of Communist China is on the verge of collapse. Xi reportedly asked senior economic officials at a CCP meeting to ensure domestic economic stability and growth and to demonstrate that the CCP’s one-party dictatorship is superior to Western liberal democracy and that the U.S. is going downward both politically and economically in order to prove that Xi’s idea of “the east is rising, and the west is falling” is correct.

But the real economic situation in Communist China is just the contrary. Since late March, more than 30 million residents of dozens of cities in the country and Shanghai, the heart of the economy, have been experiencing the CCP’s “Zero Case” lockdown policy for the CCP virus. While the policy details vary from city to city, all are imposing work and school closures, road blockades, restrictions on residents’ activities, and severe censorship of information. Currently, economic activity and growth in most cities in Communist China are at a substantial standstill.

In addition, the economy of Communist China, which has been heavily relying on real estate and manufacturing, requires a large supply of steel, and production in the steel industry shrank significantly in the first three months of this year. According to the latest data from the World Steel Association, steel production in the first quarter of Communist China has fallen by more than 10% year on year. The data reflects the severe weakness of the economy of Communist China.At the same time, extreme weather conditions and rising costs of plant food have led to a surge in global grain prices. Rising food prices are often the last straw that breaks people’s backs in authoritarian countries. In this regard, commentators believe that the “Tiananmen Square Incident” might be repeated as the economy of Communist China collapses.

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