Matthew Pottinger : So far more and more circumstantial evdience supports lab origin.

About the origin of COVID19, lab leak theory is now back to focus, and intentional release are being discussed.

Pottinger(guest host, former deputy national security adviser) said there is bipartisan agreement that Blinken is right (there was no transparency from China).

Congress act and excutive orders all request more information on virus origin in 90 days. Scientists start to tell the truth.

Finding origin is absolutely necessary to understand the virus, its variants, vaccine effectiveness.

It could have come from lab or nature, both hypotheses are valid. So far no concrete evidence supports nature origin but more and more circumstantial evdience supports lab origin.

Intelligence community had obstacles in fact finding, some are institutional shortcomings. China decided to cover up.To get definitive answers needs longer time than 90 days but possible. Some Chinese scientists expressed very early their concerns about this coming from lab, they were silenced by China government. Some Chinese scientists had the moral courage to standout.

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