Announcement of New Federal State of China & Rule of Law Foundation on Emergency Rescue of Ukraine

The NFSC and Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF) in response to the growing number of evacuees and refugees at the Ukraine-Poland border are announcing the tentative scheduling of the first free charter flights for March 15, 2022. 

Subject to change, the first charter flights departing on March 15, 2022 will be for the following routes: 

1. Depart from Poland – Rzeszow Airport to New York, USA, via Toronto, Canada. 

2. Depart from Poland – Rzeszow Airport to a South East Asian country. (TBA) 

The NFSC and ROLF offer these charters free of charge to help those impacted by Russiaʼs unlawful invasion and as part of our mission to support freedom in countries ruled by communism and authoritarian governments. 

If you need to travel with us, please contact our 24-hour service hotline. All passengers must meet their destinationʼs visa requirements. If needed, free accommodations and food will be provided by the NFSC and ROLF before departure. 

Due to the Chinese Communist Party manipulating our email service provider with the intention of disrupting our Ukraine rescue operation, the previously announced website and email address have been forcibly closed and the updated 24-hour Emergency Rescue Support Team’s contact information is as follows:

24-Hour Emergency Rescue Hotline (Phone/Text): 

+1 720-657-6776  

+1 719-224-4232 

+48 508-532-712  

+48 508-531-518  




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