The Flame Revolution Will Never Stop

In a live broadcast on November 27, Miles Guo said that 44 people died in an apartment fire in Xinjiang, triggering the Flame Revolution across China. This will surely become the fire to diminish the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Over the past years, Xi Jinping has emphasized the most during his rule that domestically everything belongs to the Party. The CCP rules everything, believing that reinforcing the Zero-COVID policy and preventing “color revolutions” would keep the power of the CCP.

On the international stage, it will export the Communist Party ruling model to the world and seek global dominance. However, the tragic fire incident in Xinjiang has led to the anger of resistance from compatriots with a sense of backbone and justice.

In China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, people have already lit the fires of civil rights and civil movements through self-defense, self-preservation, and heroism for others. In the future, more fires for resistance and self-preservation events will happen in China. Ultimately, the New Federal State of China will send a “fire” to the CCP kleptocrats beyond their imagination, bringing freedom and liberation to the Chinese people.

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