Dr. Fauci (NIH)

The Five’ reacts to Fauci’s ‘Clintonian’ fireworks with Sen. Paul: ‘Depends on the definition of ‘is’

On “The Five,” host Jesse Watters remarked on the obvious mutual “hatred” and compared Fauci’s behavior to that of Clinton’s during the Whitewater scandal-turned-Lewinsky investigation:

“So this grant goes to the Wuhan lab and in the grant, it spells out what the gain-of-function is supposed to do,” he said. “So the bad lady (Chinese Dr. Shi Zhengli) takes the grant. She does the gain of function and then she thanks the grantee, Fauci, for providing her the money. So when Paul asks him it, he goes ‘gain of function isn’t really what gain of function is.'”