Theory of laboratory origins​

Mike Pompeo : the most likely case is it came from this laboratory, then the CCP covered it up

“Mike Pompeo : It’s going to be difficult because the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t want us to know what happened. They began to cover up at least by early January of 2020 for sure. Someday there’ll be some brave Chinese person sneak out with the documents, with the paperwork, with the logbook from the lab. Whatever it takes for us to know. I for myself have seen enough, the most likely case is it came from this laboratory, then the Chinese Communist Party covered it up. They were conducting bioweapons research there, this is really dangerous stuff. As far as I know, that lab is still operating, and so we should, Trey, it’s your second question, we should use every tool available, and we have many.

Matthew Pottinger : So far more and more circumstantial evdience supports lab origin.

About the origin of COVID19, lab leak theory is now back to focus, and intentional release are being discussed.

Pottinger(guest host, former deputy national security adviser) said there is bipartisan agreement that Blinken is right (there was no transparency from China).

Congress act and excutive orders all request more information on virus origin in 90 days. Scientists start to tell the truth.

Probe into COVID found almost no evidence supporting natural origin: Source

The ex-lead investigator of COVID origins probe David Asher speaks out on Wuhan lab leak theory.

David Asher: In fact I had bio-statistician in one of our national labs calculate the odds of this evolving in nature, and it was like one in thirteen million, and then later we revised it to about one in thirteen billion, so, to say this came out of zoonotic situation is sort of ridiculous.