U.S. House Drafting A Bill Banning TikTok For Federal Employees

According to a foreign report, House Republicans are drafting legislation prohibiting federal employees from using TikTok. The House Judiciary Committee is reportedly proceeding with the proposal before the next Congress is seated.

TikTok is owned by the CCP tech giant ByteDance, which is required under China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law to share its data with the Chinese Communist Party upon request. Since the Federal Communications Commission stated that it could not regulate the social media app and its data flow back to China, security concerns have continued to grab the attention of lawmakers.

TikTok officials have since told the FCC that the company is confident that it can reach an agreement with the federal government regarding national security concerns. How-ever, leaked audio obtained earlier this year showed that CCP had accessed U.S. Tik-Tok user data for months while U.S. employees did not have access themselves.

Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL, and Representative Mike Gallagher, R-WI, introduced leg-islation last month to completely ban the app in the U.S., warning that the CCP uses it to “subtly indoctrinate American citizens.” TikTok is a major threat to U.S. national secu-rity.

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