Fighting For Human Rights And Dignity, NFSC Continues To Peacefully Protest Against Paul Hastings LLP

On December 5, around 50 fellow fighters from the New Federal State of China (NFSC) from Japan and around the world gathered outside the Paul Hastings Law Firm in Roppongi, Tokyo, to continue their lawful and peaceful protest.

Roppongi is a very affluent district, and home to many embassies and the Japanese head offices of world-renowned IT companies, foreign financial firms, and a large ex-pat community. The fellow fighters of NFSC have come to protest outside the law firm seven times during the past two weeks, and lots of people in this neighborhood sup-port the NFSC’s peaceful demonstrations.

For fifteen days now, the NFSC’s peaceful protests against Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spy Shan Weijian, CCP colluders Luck A. Despins and Paul Hastings LLP have gained lots of support from many people in America and Japan. For the first time, Amer-ican people learn about the facts that law firms such as Paul Hastings work for the CCP to destroy the judicial system in America, to prosecute Chinese dissidents and the good people of the NFSC, to harm the American people’s interests, and to empty U.S. public pension funds. As a result, more local people at each protest site participate or provide various kinds of help to stand with the NFSC to fight for their rights and protest against the evils.

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