Miles Guo Explains CCP’s Taiwan Strategy In Detail

On November 27th, when talking about the Taiwan issue in a Grand Live broadcast, Miles Guo once again warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will launch a war to seize Taiwan after the Kuomintang (KMT) wins Taiwan’s “nine-in-one” midterm elections through the CCP’s manipulation of electoral practice. Miles explained in detail that the biggest enemy of Taiwan is not the CCP, but the traitors to Taiwan, and the traitors are in both the KMT and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Almost everyone around President Tsai Ing-wen has been bought, and that’s why the DPP has lost so badly in this election. This unfortunately also strengthens the CCP’s confidence in attacking Taiwan. The CCP will use these Taiwan traitors to “unify” Taiwan and make Taiwan accept “One country, two systems” by voting and other means in the name of protecting people’s interests. If anyone from the DPP comes out against the idea, the CCP will follow Russia’s example in Crimea. The southern part of Taiwan will be given to the DPP and the northern part to the KMT, and the CCP would claim that more than half of the people need the CCP’s protection. Then the CCP would try to circumvent the US and swallow up the whole of Taiwan. Miles said that the US and the West still do not have a clear and unified understanding on the Taiwan issue, and the people who realize this have also been bribed by the CCP. War is bound to happen.

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