UK Government Orders to Stop Installation of CCP-made Monitoring Devices in Sensitive Areas

On Nov 24th, the UK government notified all administrations to prohibit using surveillance video equipment made in Communist China in sensitive areas with immediate effect. More than half of the British public organizations reportedly used the closed-circuit television cameras made by CCP-owned companies Hikvision and Dahua Enterprises. Both two surveillance manufacturers have helped CCP establish a tight monitoring system in Xinjiang to persecute Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities, becoming accomplices in Beijing’s human rights abuses. 67 British members of Parliament called for the government to ban the sales or use of surveillance video equipment produced by them this July. The UK government issued the injunction mainly on the grounds that given CCP’s laws required all enterprises in Communist China to have to share intelligence with security agencies, British government discouraged the use of monitoring equipment manufactured by Hikvision and Dahua within its territory for national security concerns. Not only are government agencies banned from connecting CCP-made surveillance systems to the core networks of government departments, but they are also required to replace previously installed equipment made in Communist China.Then Cabinet Office Minister, Oliver Dowden, reported to the Parliament that additional controls should be introduced in light of the threat posed by these CCP-made monitoring systems to British national security.

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