Xi Jinping Seeks The Global Market And Economy Dominance In G20

In his Grand Live Broadcast on November 17, Miles Guo broke the news that Xi Jinping’s ultimate goal of promising $50 billion spending on other countries at the G20 meeting is to occupy the global mineral resources, establish a corresponding global supply chain, and so forth dominate the global market and economy.

 After the G20 meeting, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will make further iron ore deals with Australia. Smelting ores into irons in China, and then exporting them in the name of supporting infrastructure to those countries whose rulers took Xi’s bribery, in exchange for their mineral resources, especially targeting rare minerals. These mineral resources will not return to the communist China at all, but will all be taken away by overseas companies controlled by the CCP. Just like the dozen gold mines in Canada, all of which have been controlled by Beijing for the past twenty years or so.

 Xi is attempting to strike a deal with G20 leaders for $50 billion to eventually create a global supply chain of rare resources. On the one hand, he offered shares of mineral extraction companies to these leaders in exchange for the exclusive right to exploit; on the other hand, he shares the interests with his gangs within the party, while his family must take the biggest stake. Moreover, the money would flow into the digital currency market and some be used to bribe purposes in Western countries.

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