A CCP Military Source Reveals The Inside Story Of The CCP Air Force

In the November 15 episode of the “”Fay Fay Show””, a source from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) military revealed the inside story of the CCP Air Force’s communication encryption technology and the Beidou navigation system for military aircrafts.

 The source began by talking about the types and levels of encryption used by the CCP’s military communications. In communications, encryption and decryption are integrated, and the quality of communications with such encryption and decryption usually deteriorates. And CCP military communications that use very sophisticated encryption often end up with communications that are completely unusable. By conservative estimates, the rate of communication failure due to encryption is as high as 30%.

 For the navigation system used by the CCP military, this whistleblower exposed from personal experience that the Beidou system, which is boasted by the CCP military, often has serious problems with large deviations, going offline, or disconnections, which even the manufacturer summoned to the site cannot fix. Because of the serious problems with the Beidou system, the CCP army does not use it for drills, but instead uses cell phones for communication and orientation adjustment. The CCP’s air force, like the Russian air force, still relies on the U.S. GPS navigation system.

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