Paul Hastings Turned U.S. Judiciary Into Kangaroo Court Of The CCP

During the Live streaming on November 13, Miles Guo talked about the latest developments in the PAX lawsuit. Currently, PAX’s vexatious claims against him continue as no settlement can be reached. During the deposition on November 8, Paul Hastings’ lawyers disregarded the rules, asked questions on topics far beyond the scope of the case, and showed no respect for Miles, trying to lead him into “contempt of court”.
Paul Hastings had three core attempts:

Firstly, to protect UBS and dismiss the case against UBS in the UK. Secondly, to bring Miles into the trap of contempt of court by all means, so that he could be fined again and even detained.

Thirdly, to extract more information for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through deposition.

This deposition reminded Miles about the time he was detained and tortured, by the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. He just never thought this could happen on the U.S. soil. The eventual conclusion of the PAX case may have to wait for Congressmen in the US to initiate a proposal to re-investigate and retrial the entire case. The ins and outs of the collusion between the traitorous US law firm Paul Hastings and the Chinese regime will eventually be disclosed. It is reported that the whole PAX case has attracted a lot of attention from several US media due to its extreme unjustifiability.

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