World faces biggest uncertainty since World War II

In a live broadcast on November 4 on Gettr, Miles Guo pointed out that the economic crisis, vaccine disaster, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the conflict in the Taiwan Strait that may break out at any time have placed the world in the greatest uncertainty since World War II. The human race is facing a huge survival test.

Miles Guo said that there is a popular saying in the fund field called the “ABC principle”, which says “if you want to stay safe, you should leave China immediately no matter where you are going.” In just 10 years, the Xi family party has turned Communist China into opposition to the world and turned the world upside down. The Iranian regime may be overthrown by a complete revolution at any time. Russian President Putin is going to die soon. OPEC countries are at a loss. The world is plunged into unprecedented uncertainty since World War II. Amid the chaos, the New Federal State of China must not only accept the huge challenge but also seize once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Being objective, calm, not greedy, and treating family members kindly, this era finally belongs to the New Federal of China.

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