Senior CCP officials urged PLA to Prepare for War

Senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party said the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) must be on a full-time standby for the war in the Taiwan Strait.

During last month’s Communist Party Congress, President Xi Jinping, in a report, called on the PLA to fully enhance training and preparation for war. After his statement, the prominent leaders provided their views on the matter in a book published this week.

These leaders say Communist China must thoroughly prepare for external interference and major incidents concerning Taiwan. They said that readiness must come through any necessary means, even if it is non-peaceful. Furthermore, another top CCP official declared that PLA would “resolutely” suppress Taipei’s bid for independence or foreign interference.

As soon as the statements came, Taiwan detected 11 Chinese aircraft and two naval vessels near the island. Taipei’s Defense Ministry announced the escalations and stated that one aircraft crossed the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). In response, Taiwan on Saturday scrambled jets, navy, and its missile systems.

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