Biden-Xi Meeting Cannot Change China-US Confrontation

In the November 2nd Grand Live Broadcast, Miles Guo said that Xi didn’t care about the Biden-Xi meeting, it was President Biden who wanted to meet with Xi, and Xi Jinping’s real focus was on the Middle East.

Miles said this is different than what people think. Xi and President Biden are aware they can’t achieve what they want in this meeting. It’s okay to have a deal, but President Biden wants to meet with Xi due to his domestic politics and economy. U.S. politics believe realism and meetings of heads of state should help boost the economy.

However, both know that their meeting cannot change the fact of the U.S.-China confrontation, and they would not let each other off the hook or spare each other. For this reason, there is no significance in their meeting.

All in Xi’s mind is the entire Middle East. Xi’s arrow is to the Middle East now—–visiting Saudi Arabia and attending the Arab Summit, and that’s all he cares about.

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