Xi Jinping Preparing For World War III

In the live broadcast on October 26th, Miles Guo revealed that after his successful re-election in the 20th Congress, Xi Jinping is ready for World War III.

 Xi Jinping will launch an unrestricted economic war against Europe and the United States, dumping U.S. Treasuries, breaking European contracts, prompting stock markets to plummet and real estate to collapse, destroying market confidence in Europe and the United States, and disrupting economic and financial markets. Meanwhile, he will fully facilitate petro-chemicals and legalization of the RMB in the Middle East, promote the digitization of the RMB, and challenge the U.S. dollar. He will proceed to support Russia’s attack on Ukraine, leaving Europe in an unstable situation. As the vaccine disaster approaches, Xi will intensify media propaganda, manipulate anti-government forces, and divert the world’s attention from the pursuit of the truth about the Covid virus and vaccines.

 With the world plunged in turmoil, Xi has repeatedly harassed Taiwan and taken the opportunity to launch a lightning attack. If the United States strikes back in the South China Sea and on Taiwan, he won’t hesitate to use strategic nuclear weapons. As for Hong Kong, it will be turned into a hub of international intelligence and money laundering.

 The CCP purges political opponents such as the faction of Jiang, Wang, and Meng, and acts against their overseas wealth and intelligence forces at home. To preserve the political situation, Xi’s party will strengthen its Zero-Covid policy in cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

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