CCP Extends Dictatorial Advantage To Launch Unrestricted Diplomatic Warfare

In his October 27 Gettr video, Miles Guo exposes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s vain attempts to survive by fighting for a new horizon with the diplomatic advantage of a dictatorial regime. The CCP knows very well that Putin’s health is poor, and Khamenei’s mourning committee has already got the ball rolling. As the 20th CCP Congress ended, the CCP started a series of diplomatic operations.

Over the past seventy years, the CCP’s dictatorial system has won with certain advantages, such as its continuation of policies, connections, and even its implementation of BGY schemes.

However, the U.S. diplomatic system is immature and bureaucratic—–full of uncertainty and instability; as a result, its foreign policies and relations often change, making its counterparts challenging to adapt. The CCP believes it has an absolute advantage in diplomacy compared to the United States.

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