Observing the fundamental situation of college students under various systems from the protest against the CCP

College students recently demonstrated against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) harsh “pandemic prevention” efforts once more in Shanghai and other CCP-controlled cities. They are knowledgeable, educated, intellectual, and have a broader exposure to contemporary American and European culture because they are better educated college students. In contrast to other young people who have entered society early to work in part-time jobs, they have suffered from the effects of theCCP’s brainwashing education, but they will still weigh the pros and cons when they experience unfair treatment and may even take action to combat it.

Although it is likely that they will not be able to change the outcome, at least they will see the true face of the CCP in their lives, and even cause the decades of brainwashing education of the CCP to be lost, therefore, their protest is praiseworthy.

However, the protests of the CCP students are very low level, they only think of defending justice when their own interests are damaged, which is much worse than the sense of justice of Hong Kong university students.

In 2019, many Hong Kong university students went to the streets to fight against the authorities for opposing the CCP repatriation law, and even fought to the campus without fear. Even if they did not resist the powerful CCP in the end, they showed the world the evil nature of the CCP and made the CCP authorities scare in dealing with the students.
Students in the CCP lack this quality, which is also a result of the traditional culture of the CCP and the long-standing indoctrination and brainwashing of young people by the CCP by placing party organizations in schools. Hong Kong university students are known for standing up for social justice and being firm and unwavering in their convictions.

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