As chip ban continues, Microsoft and Dell to scrutinize IC supplier from communist China

On October 25th, according to report from the press, Microsoft and Dell recently demanded the supply chain manufacturers to organize a list, specifying products that are from communist China’s intergrated circuit (IC) design companies, IC made from mainland China’s wafer plant, and further requested to assess the time needed all the productions to pull out of control from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
On October 7th, President Joe Biden issued restrictions on exports of cutting-edge semiconductor technology to communist China, placing further restrictions on artificial intelligence and supercomputer technology, and adding 31 semiconductor companies, including Changjiang Storage, to the list of restrictions. The administration also prohibits U.S. citizens and green card holders from serving and working at CCP-controlled semiconductor companies.
Since this year, the U.S. has tightened restrictions on the CCP’s semiconductor industry, previously banning the semiconductor industry from selling sub-14nm process equipment to SMIC, prohibiting AMD and NVIDIA from exporting high-end chips to mailand China and Hong Kong, and requiring Apple to stop purchasing Changjiang Storage chips.
With the conclusion of the 20th CCP National Congress on October 24th, the future direction of the political dictatorship in Beijing has become clearer, and the stock market and Chinese Yuan exchange rate have also plummeted in response, the demand of Microsoft and Dell to investigate the supply chain involving the CCP must be more than just clarifying the supply chain situation.

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