Israel Strikes Key Iranian Drone Factory In Syria

On October 24 local time, a military factory for assembling Iranian-made drones in Dimas military airport area was destroyed after a direct hit by Israeli missiles. The attack, which took place near the city of Dimas in south-western Syria, destroyed the airport’s facilities and damaged a runway and a radar system. No casualties have been reported. Dimas is located near Syria’s border with Lebanon and Israeli newspapers said that the facility was part of a wider smuggling operation to transport missile components from Iran, where they are made, to Lebanon, where Hezbollah stores completed missiles in preparation for a future war with Israel.  

The factory is used to manufacture weapons, ammunition and parts for drones, and the area is fully controlled by Iranian-backed militias throughout the year. In addition, Hezbollah members conduct drilling operations in and around the airport to store strategic weapons brought by Iran near the Syrian-Lebanese border. The sources said that experts from Iran’s ‘Revolutionary Guard’ were seen at Dimas airport, as well as some experts from Lebanon’s Hezbollah, who had received training in Iran. 

Israeli media reported after the attack that it was carried out with Israeli missiles and that it was successful.

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