CCP Fools Chinese Extremely, Its Demise is Inevitablet

In his Grand Live Broadcast on October 19, Miles Guo said that the nowadays’ Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in a status of extreme extravagance. Internally, it treats its people as slaves and stirs up nationalism through the excuse of territory unification, and externally, it despises and invades other countries. According to the characteristics of the collapse of ancient empires, the CCP has all the characteristics of demise. Using the five techniques of ruling the people, the CCP has unified the nation in thought and spirit like never before. Under the incitement and propaganda of the CCP, animosity against the United States runs high in Communist China, and the discussion about invading Taiwan and the so-called Great Unification was unprecedentedly heated. The CCP’s supreme ruler’s ambition to be the complete dictator, to enslave the nation, to purge political enemies, and to challenge and dominate the world is crystal clear.

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