Xi ‘s weapons let’s put out new viruses

On Oct. 16, Miles Guo livestream said that Xi Jinping’s emphasis on ” be brave and adept in carrying out our struggle.” was to tell everyone that they can release poison again if they can’t.

Miles once remarked that the most dangerous thing is not the virus, but the vaccine disaster, which the West is still puzzled by.

The reason Miles has been getting so much attention in the West lately is that he said back in 2020 that the New Coronavirus is not the most dangerous, but the most dangerous is the secondary disaster that comes after the New Coronavirus vaccine. A vaccine catastrophe is a way to send people to their death. The West still can’t figure out why Miles’s words and revelations are so accurate.

Recently, many major media outlets have contacted Mr. Guo to find out the truth about the vaccine disaster. The scariest part is that all of these people have been vaccinated, and Jonathan, the BBC presenter, mentioned, the Lisa, the original presenter in my position, died as a BBC presenter. I also had three shots of vaccine, I’m not done with them.

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