CCP’s Solution to maintain its financial stability: Arresting the Senior Executives of the financial institutions

During the Miles Grand Live of July 14th, Miles Guo told a story of a fellow fighter who just fled the Communist China.

 The fellow fighter was the Deputy director of a big bank with assets in the amount of trillions of yuan and the Director of Credit Department. According to this fellow fighter, over 50% of CCP’s debts, accounts and various bank notes are fake. Recently, in an attempt to hold the 20th National Congress smoothly, the CCP mandated that the finance and the real estate institutes could not be in crisis. What’s more, they have established an office of Economy Stability Maintenance Politics and Law Committee, putting pressure on banks at all levels. Since CCP has no way to avoid Bank run and cannot resolve its financial disasters by printing more money, the CCP Central Commission for Discipline Inspection told senior executives of the financial institutions, if they fail to control the crisis, they will be arrested as the ultimate solution. 

 Upon hearing these, this fellow fighter fled the country no delay through Mongolia. The fellow fighter has chosen to leave the country through Mongolia is because it is relatively easier compared from through Vietnam, where the route to this country is blocked. The fellow fighter arrived at the United States safely. During the phone call, he expressed gratitude to Mr. Miles again. He said, countless people benefited by listening to Miles’ live broadcast. Even the people from the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection are willing to join the Whistleblower Movement. Some fellow fighters are trapped in the Communist China and restricted from leaving the country. The fellow fighter once again asked Miles to warn all people who are still in the Communist China, that the collapse of CCP’s real estate, and finance are bound to happen and the CCP is bound to be perished.

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