Paul Hastings Expose the Darkness of the American Judicial System

Miles Guo said in GETTR live broadcast on July 9th, that he would file the appeal in terms of the appointment of the new trustee with Paul Hastings law firm in the PAG case and the Miles’ bankruptcy case. Paul Hastings latest actions reveals the darkness of American judicial system and will help take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Miles revealed that Paul Hastings has generated large revenues from the Communist China, which means that Paul Hastings law firm has a close relationship with the CCP. Miles is the world’s leader to destroying the CCP, and is listed as the greatest enemy of the CCP. Hence, there is an obvious conflict of interest between the Paul Hastings and Miles.

The newly trustee Luc A. Despins told Honorable Julie Manning at the last minute, that he just learned PAG was the parent company of PAX.

Miles emphasized that Paul Hastings have removed massive amounts of relevant information online regarding these conflict of interests related to the case and the CCP. Such deletions can be considered an obvious attempt to cover up ulterior motives. In light of the recent discoveries and the behavior of Paul Hastings law firm, the American judiciary has revealed its influency by the CCP. This is considered a gift to eliminating the CCP.

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