Lawyer Criticizes Communist China as Young Brainwashed Nationalists Celebrate Abe’s Assassination

At about 11:30 am on July 8th, Shinzo Abe delivered a speech near Yamato-Saidaiji Station in Nara, Japan. He was shot by a 41-year-old man Tetsuya Yamagami, and sent to the hospital for rescue, but died; The news shocked the world. Many Taiwanese are sad for Abe’s death, who has always been friendly with Taiwan.

As the world was shocked and mourned, the Communist China online community also sparked a lot of discussion. As of 8pm on July 8th, 9 of the top 10 topics on Weibo’s popular searches list were directly related to Abe. Although there were comments that cared about or tried to discuss the incident, but many were about “celebration.”

Lawyer Lin Zhiqun said that Abe’s death was celebrated by many people in Communist China. He said Abe has never harmed any Chinese, but they hated him deeply; Mao Zedong caused a lot of deaths and disasters to the Chinese people, but they respect and worship him. “It’s a very weird country,” Lin added.

As a Taiwanese, Lin said “Some people say that if something happens to Xi Jinping, we will talk sour words like young brainwashed nationalists. No! I personally hope that Xi will continue to be in power and carry on the Zero-COVID policy. Xi is more harmful to Communist China than 30 army divisions.”

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