China’s Ministry of Water Resources issuing a Level IV emergency response for flood control in the lower Yellow River

July 6 Daily Economic News reported that the reporter learned from the Ministry of Water Resources Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission Water and Drought Disaster Defense Bureau, July 6 at 12:00, the Yellow River Flood Control and Drought Relief General Command started the Yellow River downstream flood control level IV emergency response.

The Ministry of Water Resources has sent a working group to Shandong to guide the work related to heavy rainfall prevention and flood defense. Under the joint influence of the residual circulation of Typhoon Siampa and the westerly trough system, there is a strong rainfall process in the Dawen River basin in Shandong. According to the current water conditions and precipitation forecasts, it is estimated that there may be a flood peak of about 1500 cubic meters per second in Daicun Dam.

The Chinese Communist Party is very good at covering up man-made disasters through the media’s propaganda about the vagaries of weather changes, and then blocking speech and using the media’s “funeral celebration” to erase the disaster. Now they are talking about activating the flood control level IV emergency response for the lower Yellow River.

It’s a chilling experience to be a defender of the Yellow River. Into the summer rainstorm weather caused, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong and other provinces and cities areas issued red warning signals related to heavy rainfall, the southern city is completely the state of the zephyr, so rigid and dictatorial system of the inevitable can not be timely rescue, the fate of the people living nearby are misfortune.

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