HCoin and HPay Are on the Rise Amid the Currency System Transformation

In the live broadcast on June 27, Miles Guo revealed the development of currency over more than 20 years, saying humans are currently in the midst of a significant currency system transformation, which will end the trend of a financial monopoly, financial dominance, and financial plunder after 9/11.

After the 9/11 incident, Miles explained, the United States transferred the management of people’s wealth to banks and several back-staged major clans, citing counterterrorism. Following the handover of wealth and power, the collaboration between these families and the global dictatorships has caused currency overprinting and several global financial crises. In the Russia-Ukraine War, as the United States has imposed excessive sanctions against Russia, some nations will convert legal fiats into digital currencies, leading the world to rethink the essence of currencies. Miles said that the currency, a financial tool as the result of labor, should not be under control or restriction by reasons of anti-terrorism or inappropriate other factors.

Due to the confidential privacy and irreversible security features, HCoin has restored the currency’s essence and can have global legal circulation, backed by the stable HDollar reserves held at Himalaya Reserve, which has strict KYC authentication and anti-money laundering measures. While HPay, a convenient point-to-point payment method with huge transaction and circulation capacities, conforms to the trend of currency system transformation.

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