U.S. Expose Corrupt Assets of CCP’s Kleptocrat Timely

On June 26th, an article by a Hudson Institute researcher said it is time for the United States to expose the assets of CCP’s kleptocrats.

 The article writes that Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan and others have used the anti-corruption campaign to purge their political opponents since they took power, and that their anti-corruption movement is fighting for money. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a well-established dictatorship rule by kleptocrats, with senior officials and their family members controlling large amounts of assets overseas. The CCP’s “BGY” plans have also led to massive political infiltration overseas. Western sanctions against Russia after the Russia-Ukraine war sounded an alarm to the CCP’s tremendous overseas wealth, and the CCP’s real estate as well as financial system are on the verge of collapse. Not only the West, but also the CCP has dragged the world’s poor countries into the corruption camp through the Belt and Road Initiative, which has threatened the world’s economy.

 The Biden administration issued a U.S. anti-corruption strategy last year, which mentioned exposing the overseas assets of Chinese Communist kleptocrats. The Kruk Act is also a bill to confront the CCP’s domination of the exploitation of Belt and Road countries. The West’s sanctions against Russia threaten Putin, and the West’s sanctions against the CCP will also threaten Xi Jinping.

 For the United States, dirty money undermines the integrity of the U.S. financial system, weakens U.S. national security, and seriously insults freedom and democracy. The U.S. should not in any way support the CCP Government that has committed massacres in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and threatened Taiwan. The assets those Chinese Communist kleptocrats stole from the Chinese people are not safe in the U.S.

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