TSMC Announces Production of 2nm Chips by 2025

Taiwan Chip manufacture TSMC announced that it will start a 3nm chip production line in the second half of this year and will produce the most advanced 2nm chips by 2025. To date, only TSMC, Intel, and Samsung can pursue cutting-edge chip production technology. SMIC is the only Chinese company with such an ambition, which has been blacklisted by the U.S. ban.

 On June 16th, TSMC announced the news for the first time at an industry event held in the United States, that the upcoming 3nm chip production base is mainly located in Tainan. The race to develop cutting-edge semiconductor technology is fierce around the world. Samsung said it will produce 3nm chips by the end of June this year and will start producing 2nm chips by 2025. Intel aims to produce more advanced 1.8nm chips by the end of 2024; Japan is also said to be cooperating with the United States to manufacture 2nm chip and will deploy it by 2025. High-tech requires significant investment to deliver.

 TSMC is known as the “jewel on the crown” of the United States. When Miles Guo attended the Phoenix meeting, the Swamp bigwigs said they were very happy to reach an agreement with TSMC in Phoenix, and they would add more investment on top of the $12 billion investment. CNBC visited TSMC’s site in Phoenix last year, which is used to manufacture 5nm chip production lines. “The plant under construction is four stories high and covers an area of 2.3 million square feet.” Another 10-20nm production line in Kumamoto, Japan, started construction on April 21st. This is a joint venture between TSMC and SONY Group. The companies jointly established a subsidiary JASM with an investment of US$8.6 billion. Both production lines are scheduled to initiate mass production in 2024.

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