In the Communist China, 98% and 95% of the children aged 3-17 were vaccinated with viral vaccine respectively

On June 21, CCTV News reported that the State Council’s report on children’s health promotion was submitted to the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress for deliberation today. The report shows that according to the latest data, the coverage rate of the first dose of novel coronavirus vaccine and the coverage rate of the whole course of vaccination for people aged 3-17 in China have reached more than 98% and 95% respectively.

In 2022, China’s elderly population aged 60 and over accounted for 18.70% of the total population, reaching a total of 260million people. According to this statistical data, the number of elderly people aged 60 and over covered by vaccination reached 227.681 million, 215.624 million people completed the whole course of vaccination, and 162.324 million people completed the enhanced immunization. From the published data, it can be seen that only about 12.06 million people aged 60 and over in China have not been vaccinated. The vaccination coverage rate is 98% and over 95% respectively for the population aged 3-17 years old in the Republic of China, which is roughly 80 million people, so it is clear that the younger the children are, the higher the vaccination rate.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has released poison while poisoning the nation with toxic vaccines, resulting in a record number of infections. The New Coronavirus vaccine is a virus that attacks the microvasculature in the guise of a “vaccine”. The new coronavirus vaccine and CCP’s stinging protein are toxic to blood vessels and organs, and the new biochemical virus created by gene editing technology will lead to the inability of the nation to reproduce normal next generation, racial deterioration, and even genocide.

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