Canada to Lift Order on Vaccination Against CCP Virus

According to media reports on June 14th, the Canadian government said on Tuesday that it will lift orders on vaccination against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus from June 20th, which applies to domestic and outbound travelers and federal employees. However, international travelers entering Canada will still need to show proof of vaccination.

Finance Committee Chairman Forty noted that some unvaccinated federal workers who were put on unpaid leave due to the vaccination orders, will now be allowed to return to work.
This summer, most provinces lifted the requirement to wear masks, and the Trudeau government has been asked to loosen vaccine mandates more broadly.

The National Airlines Council of Canada, which represents the country’s two largest airlines, said that was not enough, and called for a permanent suspension of all vaccination requirements.

Canada has implemented pandemic control measures since October 30th, 2021, including banning unvaccinated people from flying, and making it mandatory for federal civil servants to be vaccinated.

In addition, on June 13th, local time, the Saudi Arabian government announced that it would lift restrictions on the CCP virus, such as wearing masks and showing proof of vaccination.

In March, Saudi Arabia began easing the CCP virus restrictions, such as removing social distancing, PCR tests for inbound travelers, and quarantines upon arrival.

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