Officials of the Embassy of Ukraine in New Zealand Express their Gratitude to the NFSC and ROLF

On April 20 East Time, the Chairman of the Global Himalaya Alliance, Lao Banzhang, posted on GETTR that Olena Feleniuk, Chief Trade Officer of the Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore, Brunei and New Zealand, sent a thank-you letter to the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF). She expressed her gratitude to the NFSC’s fellow fighters for helping Kyrylo Kucherov’s family arrive in New Zealand despite the difficulties they faced in adjusting their flight routes. She also thanked the NFSC and ROLF for providing help to the Ukrainian people who have left their homes.

Here are the details of the thank you letter:

Dear person-in-charge from NFSC and ROLF.
I am happy to share with you that Mr Kyrylo Kucherov’s family of 3 finally arrived in Auckland, New Zealand today. The flight was difficult as the flight route was modified during the flight (the initial and modified air tickets are attached). Our gratitude for the New Federal State of China and the Rule Of Law Foundation’s support and assistance in the evacuation of the Ukrainians who had left their home after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine !
Thank you ,Olena Feleniuk ,Chief Trade Officer ,

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Singapore, Brunei and New Zealand

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