Polish Grants Volunteer Work Permits to the New Federal State of China Rescue Team

On April 14 local time, according to reports from the rescue frontline in Medyka, local Polish authorities issued volunteer work permits to the rescue team of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). The ID is endorsed with pass rights, accredited by local police, military, and various international organizations. The work permit reads clearly “the New Federal State of China.”

During the 40 days of the rescue operation in the relief camp in Medyka, the NFSC members have served more than 10,000 Ukrainian refugees, and their dedication has led to a growing reputation of the NFSC in the international community, gaining increasing recognition and endorsement.

The NFSC’s fellow fighters at the Medyka rescue front-line are making history, winning applause and gratitude from all NFSC members worldwide.

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Aussie Brief News

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