U.S. Treasury Secretary Issues Stern Warning On China-Russia Alliance

On April 13, in her speech at the Atlantic Council think tank, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued a strong warning against the “no ceiling” partnership between China and Russia.
Yellen pointed out that Xi Jinping is trying to use the CCP’s authoritarian system as a model for emerging and developing countries around the world. And she thought the international order was in jeopardy. Yellen then sternly emphasized that if the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity are not respected at critical junctures, Communist China cannot expect the global community to respect its demands for those principles in the future.
Yellen also said in the question-and-answer session that the United States needs to avoid a bipolar global financial system that pits market-driven democracies against autocratic, state-driven economies. Yellen’s remarks come just days before the International Monetary Fund and World Bank member countries convene their Spring Meetings in Washington next week. And analysts believe her speech has a “milestone” significance because she outlines a new international financial and economic architecture that could be emerging to prepare for the confrontation between the two camps.

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