Miles Indicated Three Most Vital Competencies Aimed for by NFSC

On the April 10’s Miles Grand Live broadcast, Miles indicated three of the world’s most vital resources, which the New Federal State of China (NFSC) also aims to secure. He named them the ” Three Big Mountains “: the Golden Mountain, the Silver Mountain and the Diamond Mountain.
The Golden Mountain means food and water, the natural resources like agricultural land and food.
The Silver Mountain means new biotech, including the next generation of biotechnology and renewable energy technologies. New biotech can rejuvenate human organs and extend human life spans significantly. Renewable energy will be the future replacing fossil energy.
The Diamond Mountain, means human intelligence, human talents, and vast amount of data. “Human-talent” is one of the key that made America the Superpower, as it attracts the bright minds from all over the world. These three “mountains” are also the three vital pillars of the NFSC, setting GEDU as the foundation at the bottom.
Miles further remarked that the very basis of developing those competencies relies on the education. The New Federal States of China dedicated to the development of modern education and human resources, to build up the peace and prosperity in a world without the Communist regime or its ideology.

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