US Warns the Consequences Of India’s Approach To Russia

Washington has issued a warning to India not to ally with Russia, an adviser to U.S. President Biden said. U.S. officials are disappointed by India’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to international media reports, Brian Diess, director of the White House National Economic Council, said they were disappointed by India’s decision in certain areas against the backdrop of the war between Russia and Ukraine. “The United States has warned India not to get too close to Russia without serious long-term consequences,” he said. The

Indian foreign minister said that the economy and trade between India and Russia are stable, and Russia remains an important economic partner of India. Regarding the attitude of the Russian-Ukrainian war, India said it stood on the side of “peace”. India is an importer of Russian oil and the largest buyer of Russian arms. Now, the only other countries Russia can attract is oil and gas.

In order to reduce the dependence on petroleum energy, the United States and other western countries will accelerate the rapid entry of new clean energy in the world into the application market.

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