The significance of NFSC rescue operations in Ukraine

April 10th, in the Grand Live Broadcast, Mile Guo revealed the great significance of the humanitarian rescue operation in Medyka carried out by the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Miles said that at one Japanese government meeting, some officials played videos of NFSC’s participating in the rescue and said that if the NFSC team persisted till the end of the Ukraine crisis, many countries would recognize the status of the NFSC. Some European and Israeli governments have even stated that they will urge the United Nations to recognize the status of the NFSC, or these countries will recognize it. Miles quoted an official from a country saying that the significance of the rescue operation is no less than the significance of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression.

This has made many countries begin to think about why some Chinese people can stand up and say that the Chinese Communist Party cannot represent the Chinese people and tell the world that we are against the Chinese Communist Party’s support of Russia’s unjust war against Ukraine. At the same time, various deeds of the frontline rescue team have made all countries understand the significance of separating the CCP from the Chinese people. Miles, in the end, said that every report, video, and story on the front line is like a missile fired at the CCP, which makes the CCP panic constantly. What the NFSC does on the front line is for the safety of 1.4 billion people, both inside Communist China and the overseas Chinese people. And to let these countries understand that problem will be solved just by simply taking down the bad guys who manipulate the 1.4 billion Chinese people.

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